CHEERS research reports now available for downloading

The CHEERS project is approaching its next major milestone: The start of procuring and building its 3MWth Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) demonstration facility in China.

The path to this milestone includes a comprehensive set of R&D activities from small-scale reactivity measurements in the laboratory to pilot plant testing, advanced numerical modelling, and flow testing and measurement on a 1:2 scale copy of the planned 3MWth demo facility. Our researchers have documented this work in detail for the benefit of not just CLC developers, but the greater community of technologists working to bring new, improved low-emissions solutions to market.

This is already being facilitated in a number of ways. To compliment these, the CHEERS project has now made available its completed research reports for downloading from the project website. See the ‘Results’ tab on the front page of the website. Some of the research reports are confidential. In this case, only the front page and the publicly available abstract are downloadable.

There is also a pdf file (also downloadable) containing a screen shot of the front page of externally published technical articles from the CHEERS project (i.e. peer-reviewed journal papers or conference proceedings). These can be found on the ‘Cross-Work Package Publications’ tab under ‘Results’.

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