CHEERS project introduced in 10th TOTAL China Scientific Forum in Chengdu











November 21, 2019

Today, the 10th Total China Scientific Forum (TCSF) opened in Chengdu. This is the city where the CHEERS project is based. The theme this year was “Innovative Low-carbon Energy”. The two-day gathering focused on the development of innovative technologies for the LNG industrial chain, low-carbon transportation and carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). The forum serves as a platform for participants to share research results and present case studies. More than 200 experts and guests from renowned universities, research institutions, government and industry associations, well-known enterprises and innovative companies attended the forum.

Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC), parent company of Dongfang Boiler Corporation (DBC), was invited to co-chair the event, while young scho

lars from another 2 Chinese partners Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University also presented themselves to exhibit their recent academic achievements in “Energy Future Innovation”. One of the major reasons to have such an event held in Chengdu was to better advertise the CHEERS project to the Chinese domestic market. Prof. Zhenshan LI from Tsinghua university and Dr. Mahdi YAZDANANAH from TOTAL jointly introduced the upcoming, latest progress and future prospect of the CHEERS project in the Forum, generating high interest and receiving wide rec

ognition from the audiences. A site tour to the cold mock-up model near Chengdu was also organized thereafter to some VIP guests.

“China has become one of the world’s most innovative and dynamic countries and is playing an active role in emerging energy technologies. As a flagship H2020 program undertaken in China, the CHEERS project will surely become an exciting, challenging and promising mission benefiting both European countries and China in developing affordable CCUS solutions,” says Zhonghua XU, VP, Head of TOTAL R&D Asia.

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CHEERS design milestone: delivery of Process Design Package, PDP

Achievement of an important milestone in CHEERS project: delivery of Process Design Package, PDP

CHEERS project has reached an important milestone by delivering the Process Design Package (PDP) of the Process Demonstration Unit (PDU). This dossier provides the basic design of the PDU and fixes all of the process variables, dimensions, and conditions. Regarding the fact that CHEERS is a development project and first of its kind, development of a solid process design is key to avoid any modification and changes in the coming steps to ensure successful progress of the project.


CHEERS project process design has been developed to answer project unique requirements by proposing a wide flexibility in terms of feedstock, Oxygen Carrier materials and particularly by allowing the possibility to test two Carbon Stripper Technologies developed by CHEERS partners. Safety and environmental considerations have been important criteria in the design where a dedicated flue gas treatment section is designed and detailed HAZID study carried out to ensure process safety.


The PDP has been prepared and issued with CHEERS international collaborative way. The Process Demonstration Unit process design is the result of the effort by four CHEERS partners, IFPEN, TSINGHUA, TOTAL and DONGFANG with the support of SINTEF as leader of Oxygen Carrier material development. It is the main outcome of the Pre-FEED study (Work Package, WP2) that will be delivered to the FEED phase (WP4) led by TOTAL.


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Silesian University hosts CHEERS annual meeting

CHEERS holds annual meeting at The Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland, November 4-6.

The CHEERS partner Silesian University of Technology hosted the 2019 annual meeting of the CHEERS project, bringing together researchers, technologists and experts from its nine partners. A total of 29 project participants representing four European countries and China shared their most recent results.

This EU project has high ambitions of building and operating a demonstration-scale Chemical Looping Combustion unit with 3 MW thermal capacity. The CHEERS project plan follows the pattern set by classic design, engineering and construction activities. The process starts with identification of the most effective main concepts, which are evaluated and a final concept chosen. The headline results of the design studies were confirmed in the annual meeting in Gliwice. This forms the basis of the next phase, Front End Engineering and Design (FEED), in which detailed drawings of the entire test rig, supported by the process and detailed modelling and design activities, as well as laboratory measurements of key parameters. The detailed design work will be completed together with an initial cost estimate of the constructed test rig.

There have been some surprises along the way. High expectations were placed in the initial project plan to save time and costs by retrofitting an existing circulating fluidized bed boiler unit at the location of the project partner Dongfang Boiler Group Company. Careful comparison of the retrofit case with a new, ‘grassroots’ design/build shows that the grassroots design is preferable in many practical aspects. One of these is to accommodate two solutions for a subsystem to handle three different types of solid fuels, one of these being biomass.


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