What does a CLC testing facility look like?

The CHEERS project works on developing a chemical-looping technology tested at laboratory scale (up to 150 kWth). Within five years, the goal of the project is to develop the core technology into a 3MWth system prototype for demonstration in an operational environment.

That same CLC technology is being tested at SINTEF’s testing site in Tiller, Norway.

In the following videos, SINTEFs research scientists, Øyvind Langørgen and Inge Saanum, give a short rundown on what happens during the testing phase. Learn more about CLC and have a look at what a ”good day in the lab” looks like at the Tiller testing site:

”Welcome to the CLC rig at Tiller. Today we’re going to run a test campaign using copper oxide as oxygen carrier and methane as fuel gas.” says Øyvind Langørgen, research scientist at SINTEF Energy.

”The test is finished and we are very pleased with the results” says Inge Saanum, research scientist at SINTED Energy while going through the test results.

”This method is cheaper and requires less energy than many other methods” the video concludes.

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