CHEERS releases new video visualizing CLC in cold flow rig

CHEERS launches new Youtube channel with new video of the scaled cold flow model

CHEERS releases new video from the demonstration laboratory showing the inner workings and flows throughout the CLC installation



The CHEERS project maintains a Youtube channel for its own videos and associated videos that support its basic motivation and objectives. Due to technical reasons, we have moved to a new Youtube channel, which you can find here (subscribe to keep updated). The highest resolution versions of the CHEERS videos will be available there. Lower resolution versions of the same videos will be viewable on the CHEERS web page.

In addition, we are pleased to include a new video produced by our Chinese partner Tsinghua University. In this video, we have a direct view from their research laboratory. The video shows the scaled, cold flow model the CHEERS project has designed and constructed. This cold flow model is built with see-through components that allow direct visualization of the movement of the solid particles in the two reactor towers, the separation units and transfer pipes. The solid particles in the cold model represent the oxygen carrier particles that are circulated in an actual CLC installation. The function of the oxygen carrier particles is to achieve a nitrogen-free atmosphere for combustion, without the need for a separate oxygen production system. This saves significant investment and operation costs, particularly related to CO2 separation.

The cold flow model is essential for validating numerical models that represent the full-scale demonstration plant currently being designed. The results from the cold flow model allow identifying ways to improve the overall performance of the system.

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