CHEERS project members to present at and co-organise the Scientific forum on Low Carbon Energy Innovation in Chengdu, China

This November, some of the members of the CHEERS consortium will co-organize the 10th Total China Scientific forum in Chengdu, China. This year’s forum, to be held on the 19-20th November, will explore topics related to Low Carbon Energy Innovation. With a focus on Low-carbon technologies, the Forum will serve as the perfect platform for CHEERS Consortium members to share their experiences and findings on the chemical-looping CO2 capture technology currently being developed in the project.

The Total China Scientific Forum (TCSF) is an international and open innovation platform which was created by Total in China, 2009. Each year, 150-200 key stakeholders from the academic community, industry, investment funds, governments, media and other groups meet to exchange latest developments in innovation and discuss opportunities and challenges within a specific domain.

A snapshot of one of the previous Total China Scientific Forums (Credit: TOTAL)


This year, the Forum will address topics such as the future of mobility, the role of gas and carbon capture and storage. Over 150 attendees will discuss China’s CCUS roadmap and, in the context of that topic, the developments within the CHEERS project.

Participants from the CHEERS consortium will include the Dongfang Boiler Company (DBC), Tsinghua university, representatives from Total and others. The Dongfang Electric Company, the parent company of DBC, has been invited to co-organize the event. Zheijang University will also participate in the Forum.

The TCSF will enhance the visibility of the CHEERS project, both locally in China and on an international level. The audience will include representatives from academy, industry representatives and managers, investment funds, policy makers and journalists.

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