Work Package 4

Process integration and system prototype design

Lead beneficiary: TOTAL
Other contributors: IFPEN , TSINGHUA, DONGFANG
Work package title: Process integration and system prototype design
Start month: 6 (March 2018)
End month: 27 (December 2019)


  • To ensure optimal integration of the CLC reactor system with the heat recovery steam generation unit, cooler condenser, compression and purification, and to define the interface with external systems
  • To carry out the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and detail engineering for the fuel reactor
  • To study the feasibility of possible options for flue gas treatment including DeSOx, DeNOx, and oxygen polishing
  • To undertake the procurement of the fuel reactor and the remaining components of the system prototype

Description of work:

Process demonstration unit (PDU) takes into consideration all essential parts of an industrial unit in terms of design, construction and operation. In addition, it permits appropriate process integration studies for industrial scale. This work package takes into consideration the strategies proposed for development of the process from TRL5 to TRL7. The design of the system will consider all the necessary sections for TRL7 including CLC plant, feeding, boiler section and flue gas treatment. The flue gas treatment of the pilot plant will be based on the regional environmental regulation of demonstration units.

The flue gas treatment section for industrial units will be demonstrated separately. The technologies employed will be based on the available existing technologies (TRL9 or commercial). The required modifications of these systems will be carried out with the help of a subcontractor. The modifications will be demonstrated at a scale sufficient for industrial extrapolation, based on the existing know-how of the treatment technologies.

The process integration section will take into account the requirements of the refining site and the design specifications for critical sections, such as heat exchanger and boiler design, solid flow rate control, etc. A critical aspect of this work is to ensure the compatibility of different design sections between the fuel reactor and the rest of the unit, delivered by two separate engineering companies.