Work Package 7

Knowledge-sharing, communication and dissemination

Lead beneficiary: BELLONA
Other contributors: SINTEF Energy Research, TSINGHUA
Work package title: Knowledge-sharing, communication and dissemination
Start month: 1 (October 2017)
End month: 60 (September 2022)


  • To share relevant knowledge regarding experience and policy issues among the partners
  • To promote results to be duplicated in other industries and countries, and communicate why such duplication makes the project relevant for decarbonisation and creating/retaining employment across the economy, i.e. far beyond the project scope
  • To facilitate communication within the consortium and with other relevant EU and Chinese networks

Description of work:

The purpose is to provide a virtual service centre for the project to ensure efficient and proper knowledge-sharing and handling of communication and dissemination activities. These activities will be planned and aligned with the Coordinator (and the Project Management, as described in Work Package 1). The intention is to facilitate and stimulate innovation, ensure trust and dedication, and increase the awareness of CCS and CO2 capture techniques and their intended and potential suitability, as well as their relevance for overall deep decarbonisation of the global economy and for employment. Intentionally, these actions will pave the ground for the industrial uptake of CCS via retrofits in petroleum refineries, in the emission-intensive industrial sector, and in other energy-intensive industry.