Work package 1

Coordination and project management

Lead beneficiary: SINTEF Energy Research
Work package title: Coordination and project management
Start month: 1 (October 2017)
End month: 60 (September 2022)


  • To secure compliance and fulfillment of the Grant Agreement with the European Commission
  • To conduct the project in accordance with the Consortium Agreement (Section 3.2, Consortium
  • To ensure adequate execution of the overall project, including progress management and reporting
    work and role of partners

Description of work:

Proper execution of the project will be accomplished through the monitoring of the work progress, and (if required) via decisions on changes relating to the scope of work, deliverables, budget allocations, strategic assessments and emerging opportunities. Public relations and specific dissemination actions are also seen as managerial actions, beyond the scope of the dedicated Work Package 7 (Knowledge-sharing, communication and dissemination).