CHEERS design milestone: delivery of Process Design Package, PDP

Achievement of an important milestone in CHEERS project: delivery of Process Design Package, PDP

CHEERS project has reached an important milestone by delivering the Process Design Package (PDP) of the Process Demonstration Unit (PDU). This dossier provides the basic design of the PDU and fixes all of the process variables, dimensions, and conditions. Regarding the fact that CHEERS is a development project and first of its kind, development of a solid process design is key to avoid any modification and changes in the coming steps to ensure successful progress of the project.


CHEERS project process design has been developed to answer project unique requirements by proposing a wide flexibility in terms of feedstock, Oxygen Carrier materials and particularly by allowing the possibility to test two Carbon Stripper Technologies developed by CHEERS partners. Safety and environmental considerations have been important criteria in the design where a dedicated flue gas treatment section is designed and detailed HAZID study carried out to ensure process safety.


The PDP has been prepared and issued with CHEERS international collaborative way. The Process Demonstration Unit process design is the result of the effort by four CHEERS partners, IFPEN, TSINGHUA, TOTAL and DONGFANG with the support of SINTEF as leader of Oxygen Carrier material development. It is the main outcome of the Pre-FEED study (Work Package, WP2) that will be delivered to the FEED phase (WP4) led by TOTAL.


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